10th – 11th of September

’Facilitating progress’ is the theme of the second LGBTIQ People of Faith seminar. The first LGBTIQ People of Faith -seminar was organized in 2018 under the theme of ’Situation, Challenges and Opportunities’.  The seminars are part of Helsinki Pride Week.

The 2020 seminar will focus particularly on stories and what we can learn from them – stories about challenges faced and innovative efforts to facilitate progress within one’s own faith community. This year’s seminar will focus on the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

We believe that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, because communities are different and relationships are unique. Yet there is much we can learn from hearing one another’s struggles and sharing how we have endeavored to face challenges and overcome obstacles.

The initial plan was to organize the seminar during Helsinki Pride in the summer. Due to current exceptional circumstances, Helsinki Pride has been moved to be held in the fall, more precisely the 7th – 13th of September.

After much deliberation the organizing committee has decided to reschedule the seminar accordingly and are now offering a 2-day globally accessible, virtual seminar for the 10th – 11th of September!

The seminar is organized jointly by Loisto SetlementtiTaakasta voimavaraksi -projectIslamia Queeristithe Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union of HelsinkiHelsinki University and Helsinki Pride Community.