Music video project by Leena Julin

Composer and theologian Leena Julin has collected speeches, comments and feedback said/written in the (ev. luth.) church of Finland regarding sexual and gender minorities. She has then organized these texts into six groups, without adding to or changing the contents. Each set of texts have then been composed to original pieces of ”beautiful church music”. Finally, after the compositions have been recorded, music videos emphasizing the texts to ensure that the audience captures every word were shot at various locations in Finland.

Julin hopes that the contrast between the lyrics and the music would wake people up to realise that horrible things are being said and that hate speech is hate speech – even when religion is used to attempt to justify it.

ENGLISH VERSIONS (Oroginals below)
The actual question:

You are not good enough for God:

Message of love:


Stairway to church:

Different viewpoints:

Kirkon portaat:

Varsinainen kysymys:

Sinä et kelpaa Jumalalle:

Rakkauden viesti:


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